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IRS says: "As you probably know, the Congress of the United States, and not the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), is charged with and accepts the responsibility for, writing the Federal tax laws." As you correctly guessed, I am aware that it is Congress who enacts the tax laws, and I am further aware that the IRS is lawfully obligated to enforce those laws as they are written, and not as the IRS would like them to be. I am also aware that the judicial branch has no authority to enact tax laws. Therefore, the citations of court cases in your letter are not sufficient to rebut the statements of fact and law within my Petition. If you are contending that some employee of the Internal Revenue Service has made a determination that I have been made liable for (or subject to) a tax by any law enacted by Congress, then please provide the name of the employee making such determination, as well as the Delegation Order which authorizes such employee to make such determination. Further, please also provide copies of any and all documentation which was relied upon in the making of such determination.


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